Saturday, February 22, 2014

The START-Up Gyan

I have been looking for a job since last 6 months, no success yet. HR Managers are not entertaining FRESHERS in their companyAren't these lines familiar?

Oh yes they are since 2008, when every day a new software or BPO company were opening their offices in India and every pass out from engineering, MBA college would land up with  a JOB.

Today the economics of demand and supply have upset the equation; job creation is almost constant in our country but the labor supply is creating new records every year. Thanks to the hundreds of new engineering colleges mushrooming every day.

I simply fail to understand why the above situation is negative for the market? Why is labor supply a negative for the economy?

I see the prospective in a very different way, labor abundance means they would be available cheap which means the cost of production would be less and the margins would be high. To summarize the market is very favorable for business.

Well I know you have already guessed where I am coming to, yes Entrepreneurship!

If am a FRESHER and trying entrepreneurship, I have access to technocrats, management guys. In short the abundant labor supply of the land and a vast flourishing economy of the country would mean a perfect recipe for my today’s start-up and tomorrow’s success story.
The Big question

  • How
  • Where
  • What
  • Whoes

    For an idea to flourish and succeed, above questions needs to be answered even before you start.

    I will try to answer all of the above questions and present case studies in my subsequent articles for you to run the enterprising path.

    Stay tuned for more GYAN…. 

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    Thursday, February 13, 2014

    Are you still not placed

    Most of the engineering colleges in India are going through a campus season during this time of year. Positive news are being reported in news paper about big pay packages being offered to students. This story is common among-st all the grade A colleges.

    But today I not writing this article to celebrate the success story of placed students. Today the question is  "What if I am still not placed"

    The question is common, but to answer it let me categorize people over here, there is one bunch (A grade colleges) who had a few chances and there are possibilities of few more  and the other lot who are still waiting for their first chance to prove themselves.

    One who had a few and would get few more.... 

    You are the are best judge of yourself, with your previous experience of campuses attended you are well aware of your shortfalls. I have a few word of advice here which can improve your chances,

    • Take a paper and pen and summarize your last campus attended.
    • Figure out the area where you lacked and create a plan to address them.
    • Improvise your understanding on yourself and try to address them in shortest possible of time
    • Knowledge is the key but presentation and right attitude work as catalyst. 
    Before you attend your next opportunity, gather as much information about next visiting company, understand their needs and expectations and prepare yourself to position/present yourself in front of recruiters. I had written an article on simple ways of improving communication skills, refer this article while preparing yourself, it may be helpful.

    In short don't take your coming opportunity casually, it may be your last easy chance! 

    Students waiting for their maiden chance.....

    Almost all the colleges falling in "not so important" list of corporate India have the common story, their toppers and back benchers are standing in the same line. Entire batch would pass out without a single company visiting their campus. I would not say - don't worry a few companies would visit your college or feel sorry, I would say buckle your seat belt and start your carrier journey now.

    I would advise students of such colleges to be proactive and start making their own move to secure a job for themselves before graduating. Students should follow some simple steps and make their own way out (I know its tough, but that's the reality if you are not studying in A grade college) ..

    1. Register your profile in job portals 
    2. Join groups and communities on social media where information is exchanged about open campuses.
    3. Follow TPO of the colleges who facilitate pool campuses. I came across Prof. S  Rawandale of Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engg, Pune who has helped thousands of students sit in campuses organised at his college.
    4. Prepare yourself for Aptitude tests, group discussions, interviews as most of you would get only a single lucky chance to prove yourself.
    5. Associate yourself with live projects and internship at companies (irrespective even if they are very small)
    6. Keep your skills brushed up, form teams in your college and participate in open source projects, write papers for IEEE etc. 
    7. Think of a backup plan for your self like preparing for public services, GATE, MBA etc.
    Its not an extensive list but has pointers to increase your chances and preparedness. 

    To summarize I would say just a few words. - "Once you graduate your college is not important anymore. Everyone of you would be in the same line, try and avoid it. Secure a job before graduating"

    As always your feedback and suggestions are welcome, help us improve.

    Disclaimer - Prof. S Rawandale is not associated with in any way and we do not endorse any information claimed on his website. We are very thankful for his work as claimed on his site for organizing pool campuses for students of other colleges.

    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    Feast for Electronics engineers in India

    Its been a old trend in India for Electronics engineers to join the software industry for getting into the job market. The primary reason behind the story is absence of any semi-coductor industry in India.

    China has been the world factory for semi-conductor and chip industry and India has been a consumer and market for this trillion $$ industry worldwide.

    "Jaiprakash Associates has tied up with IBM and Israel's Tower Jazz, while Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (HSMC) has tied up with ST Microelectronics and Malaysia's Siltera to set up two chip-making facilities, the government said on Friday".

    Also Home-grown electronics brand Videocon and Reliance Industries are ready to set up chip manufacturing plants.
    In proposals sent to the Government for setting up semiconductor fabrication plants, the two companies have offered to invest some Rs 25,000 crore on the condition that the Government provides incentives. 

    A total of 76000 crore rupees would be invested to setup the plant which would generate a minimum of 20000 jobs in semi-conductor and chip making business.

    Semiconductor fabrication is essential to promote local manufacture of electronic items. From smartphones to television to cars, every thing electronic has an in-built chipset that controls its operation. Globally, chipset market is dominated by Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Texas Instruments. According to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the demand for electronics hardware in the country is projected to increase from $45 billion in 2009 to $400 billion by 2020. 

    Read the full press coverage for more details of the bussiness 

    The news is ought to be celebrated across the country, and the band waggon is surely going to welcome freshers.

    Update: Sources say once operation 60-70% workforce would comprise of freshers.

    Sunday, February 17, 2013

    Challenges of a Mechanical engineer

    "Mechanical Engineers mein eek fire hoti hai"  You all might remember this famous dialogue from the movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (RHTDM), but is this statement true?

    Many of the students from Mechanical Engineering choose this career stream because they think its an ever-green branch of engineering. Their parents thought that even at the time of IT bubble burst the core engineering jobs would be secure.

    Are the above statements true about the Mechanical Engineering course? Well, it was never a doubt that Mechanical Engineering would take a back seat in the industry but its a big myth that a bubble burst in any sector be it IT or real-estate or banking would spare Mechanical Engineers. Its because today every-thing in the market is virtually connected with simple economics of Demand and Supply.

    When the choice of a course is made, above considerations and micro facts tend to give sheer bad results in the long run. One should be very carefully while making a career choice for higher studies, especially engineering.

    It should be based on the students like and willingness to study a specialization. It should be done after proper evaluation of students capabilities.

    Challenges faced by Mechanical Engineers 

    I have been lucky to study engineering and I also got a lot of opportunities to visit various engineering colleges and interact with students. My invasion with Mechanical Engineering students can summarize the problems stated below

    1.  Mech students complain that most of the companies visiting the campus are interested  in IT, CS and Elex students. There are very less opportunities for the Mech students.
    2. Salaries offered by the core companies looking for the Mechanical students are very less, sometimes its as less as ₹ 4000.
    3. Working condition for Mechanical engineers are far more tough then IT/Telecom companies.
    4. Due to lack of opportunities in their own fields they try to get job in campus from bulk recruiters like TCS and Infosys which again becomes very difficult for them because of lack of IT computer knowledge.
    5. Its very easy for IT/CS guys to learn programming in Java and C++, there are abundant of people teaching and free availability of these software.
    6. For a Mechanical Engineer to learn Katia or ProE or any other CAD/CAM software is tough and a costly affair.
    Are these a valid challenge for Mechanical engineers or these are a simple excuse to hide their failure?

    Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

    A Mechanical Engineer even before taking admission into an Engineering college knows that he has chosen a career where extreme hardship is required. It would be a field where he would be using high-end mathematics to solve day to day challenges. It would be a profession where highest level of accuracy would be required.

    There should never be a comparison with the work done in any field of engineering, students should focus and understand about the career path they have chosen.  A Mechanical Engineer should not fear imagining him-self on a boiler floor or a near a blast furnace or on a turbine floor nor should he compare himself with his friend working in TCS inside a nice air-conditioned building.

    If you are from an average ranked engineering college a salary of  ₹4000 could be a reality for any student no matter what branch he or she has chosen. It's never important what salary you start your career with, what becomes more important is how you visualize and carry your career after 5 years down the line.

    Opportunities in Defense and Public Sector organizations

    Mechanical Engineering students have always been the favorite of the Public sector companies, Defense organizations like DRDO, ISRO, Navy, Air Force and the Armed forces are always hunting for good Mechanical engineering students. These organizations run huge machines which  requires absolute precision and use in extreme conditions. These organizations are always looking for skillful and sharp Mechanical Engineers. 

    Even the public services job in IES and IAS have Mechanical Engineering as a qualifying subject (IT/CS brances are missing). Opportunities in the Private sector organizations are also tremendous, salaries of Natural Gas/ Crude oil excavators in companies like BP, Shell, RIL etc. are so high that an expert engineer at Google or Facebook cant even imagine. 

    Its all about attitude and hard-work which is important for an engineering student. Mechanical engineers are not from mars who need to work extra to get paid less. Its an equivalent as rest of specializations so enjoy it.

    • I suggest to all those people who choose Mechanical engineering because its ever-green and provides job security, please re-think your decision as your are taking wrong parameter to make your decision.
    • I suggest all those Mechanical Engineers who join Java and C++ classes to get an easy job at a software company just because there are abundant jobs to re-think their decisions. Its some thing same as a student of Neuro Science selling SIM card for Airtel after graduation just because he thinks selection in a Hospital's Neuro department is tough.

    Please comment how you liked the post and also share your views on the subject.

    "Readers discretion is required while taking admission in  any professional course, the writer is suggesting based on his experience and understanding." 

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    What differentiates IIT's from rest of the engineering colleges in India

    Every young student in India dreams of getting into IIT, but ever thought what's so special about IIT's?
    I asked this question to many students and parents and these are some of the popular answers I got

    1. They have very high standards of teaching.
    2. They teach very well in the campus.
    3. All the students in IIT get placed.
    4. Students are offered high pay packages in the campus.
    5. They have very big campuses and excellent laboratories.
    6. Students get their education almost free at IIT's.
    7. IIT's have the finest professors in India.
    8. The environment at IIT is very competitive and healthy.
    9. Students get international exposure.
    10. Students need not worry about the future once they get into IIT.

    Fortunately I have many friends who got their education from IIT, I thought to get an insight from them about the IIT factor.
    Surprisingly most of the above mentioned points about IIT is a myth and some of them are absolutely a truth. IIT is synonymous to hard-work and dedication which begins even before someone gets into it and continues forever in their life if they have an aspiration.

    Let me put up a question in front of my readers, how many students are hired from IIT campuses to Facebook, Google or Intel? How many are hired by TCS, Infosys or HCL?

    The fact is 60% of them are hired by the bulk recruiters like TCS and Infosys like companies and only one (1) or two (2) are hired by companies like Facebook, Google or Intel. The question is why? (Surprised)

    Yes that's the truth.... But wait don't get in a hurry to queue up IIT's with rest of the colleges in India. IIT's are not bad or average because Facebook and Google did not bulk hire there.

    IIT's are not known to produce labors but they are know to create entrepreneurs.  During their entire course students are taught to be thought leaders and visionaries. They are confident and the surrounding around them gives them the ability to take risk which is fundamentally the most important aspect for becoming an entrepreneur.

    An average students with his limited knowledge and resources knows very well that in order to survive he needs a job like everyone rest in the world, he cannot risk his future for experiments (like trying a start-up after college) which is  good for him.

    On the other hand an IITian knows that he can always get a job in the market and he should focus his learning and energy today on his idea for a business. This attitude of them makes most of the youngsters successful no matter what they do.

    Consider the example of Mukesh Ambani or Anil Ambani would they have ever thought of getting a job in order to secure comfortable life? Absolutely no... They knew their father The Great Dhiru Bhai Ambani has made enough fortune for them to live a comfortable life, so what did they do? They used their fathers platform to launch their big ideas into realities. Today's truth is that the collective fortune of Ambani brothers is 100 times more then their father's wealth. How was it possible? I believe it was only because of the confidence, guidance and inspiration their father gave to them and of course not to forget their hard work they put into their dream.

    To summarize in the context of a IITian his surrounding (The success stories of ex-IITians), hard-work, guidance of able professors and support of fellow students gives them the ability to think out of the box and of course the worth-mentioning incubation center provided by the institution to support their start-up ideas are the reasons for the success of IIT students.

    This was a little glimpse of the reasons for the success of the IITians and their real differentiating factor from others. We will soon cover a story that would help students of non-IIT to get at par with their peers in IIT.

    Please comment how did you like the article.

    Monday, January 21, 2013

    Campus visit to JIT Borawan visited JIT campus on 14th January 2013 for orientation and screening.  Jawaharlal Institute of Technology is a prestigious engineering college located in district of Khargone, M.P. The college offers U.G and P.G courses in various streams of technology and is affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal.

    The college is home to some of the finest brains in the country with a strong ALUMNI across the world. We had a privilege to tour the college and found it infra-structurally sound, well equipped with laboratories and fast processing computers. The professors of the electrical department were kind enough to give us a guided tour to the department and share some of the  the projects undertaken by the students of 2013 batch. It was a very delightful moment to interact with professors and students and to know about their contribution in the field of technology.

    On 14th of January we had a Grand welcome in the world class auditorium of JIT. We are very thankful to the Training and Placement officer (TPO),
     Mr. Jagdish Teli of JIT for giving us the platform to interact with students.  TPO, JIT shared us with the success stories of the students and updated us with the current placement  track record of the college. Nearly 30% of the students had secured JOB offers in their early 7th semester and some of the blue chip companies are yet to visit the campus in the summers.

    It was a great moment to discuss the vision and road map of technical education in India with Dr. Atul Upadhyay, Principal JIT. Dr. Upadhyay enlightened us with the current state of technical education in Central India and shared his vision to bring JIT in the world Map. He says competition is very tough for both students and manegment  and to bring JIT to the stature of MIT and Harvard it would take immense hard work and courage.  He added the management is kind enough to pool in almost infinite amount of finances for providing best infrastructure to students, right from high end equipment for advances electronics laboratories to finest software available in the market for the computer labs.

    The best comes for a speaker when he is welcomed by enthusiastic and eager listeners and the same goes true for us well. The delight of visiting the campus went sky high when we were in the auditorium with a engaging crowd of final year students of almost every branch.

    It was a perfect platform to discuss the current market, entrepreneurship and job prospects for technocrats passing out of college. We received a over-whelming response from the students and a small presentation of went on for couple of hours (engaging discussion) without any sleepy audience :)

    It was a moment of great pride and honer for to canvas a Start-up at a platform like JIT.

    We wish our best of luck to students of JIT and thank them for listening to us. We promise to visit back soon with some prospective employers and FAT pay packages for the students.

    Update: Refer to the college website for notification about orientation program.

    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Simple ways to improve Interpersonal Skills

    Human beings live in civilization and you are always surrounded by people. No matter what profession you practice, communication is always important. If you are a Teacher, Manager, Lawyer or an Engineer you will always be around people of different culture and thought. To be successful you will have to practice effective and intelligent communication.


    Communication is the basic skill every living thing on this earth knows by birth, but here are some ways of effective communication skills, if you practice these you would see a difference in approach people will have for you. You will feel more connected! 

    Listening always helps

    Fresher’s just out of college have great friends, big circles and you could be the one who is always to start the brilliant discussion, you are one who is telling people and you know what people in hostel listened to you. When you are out of college in the Race for survival into the corporate, you will find things different. You always speaking would draw more trouble than appreciation. This does not mean don't speak, but this means listen first, understand the topic and situation and the humbly put your point. People will love you for this!

    A Smile brings hearts near

    Sometimes people talk and give instructions to their juniors or take instructions from their seniors. Taking or giving instruction is just robotic, it lacks the human touch! A smile on your face relaxes the person in front of you no matter who he is. Always try to wear a smile on your face, but be cautious use it according to the situation!

    When you applaud you win hearts

    When you work with someone, especially the people working for you or your juniors its your responsibility to keep them engaged. When you appreciate someone you win hearts, you build a confidence for someone and gives them a feeling that they are important. Every management guru will teach you, if you want to grow take care of your team your surrounding you will grow automatically.

    Don't think of revenge it will shatter you

    You might face many situations where you have lost because of someone. If you are the one who is thinking of getting up with bolder move then the chances of your success is much higher than the one always planning for  a revenge. Always rise your success will automatically kill your enemies. 

    Be the one who makes people laugh

    Ever thought of the guy in your college canteen who is always surrounded by friends always laughing and enjoying the moment? People love who can make someone happy and laugh, think of boss can you make him laugh? Do he like being with you? Grow you skills, read a lot you will have lots of things to talk! 
    Caution: Don't by cheap joke books to make people laugh and don't make fun of you.


    Never think the world starts and ends with you. Think logical people have their own problems which you would never face. Place yourself into his place and try to feel the issue, you would be a great friend, team leader, manager or whatever you are.

    Do you think you can build the rocket alone 

    You might be great, exceptional brain a true thought leader. But can you imagine reaching the goal alone? Even the chai wala who serves a tea during your research is a contributor, believe it. It is very exceptional that if you are reading this blog  and still you have the ability to move the earth on your own (You Googled me so you needed help to find me !! ) but if you are the one like me and rest of the world you will need a team to get it done. So the main point is be a team player, trust your team build your team and you will have success always around you.

    Bitching..... aah let it be in the Dogs world

    Be the person of honor people hate to listen complaints it’s done by only one community known as "Looser". Don't be looser be the doers, have the guts and face problems directly on face. You can be bad at that moment but you will always be an example.

    Communicate.. it will relieve

    Just thinking in your head does not transport the message to anyone else. If you have some message to pass, communicate it properly and precisely. If required elaborate yourself, ask questions to ensure the message is clearly passed. 
    Try these tips, and let us know if you found them useful!