Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are you still not placed

Most of the engineering colleges in India are going through a campus season during this time of year. Positive news are being reported in news paper about big pay packages being offered to students. This story is common among-st all the grade A colleges.

But today I not writing this article to celebrate the success story of placed students. Today the question is  "What if I am still not placed"

The question is common, but to answer it let me categorize people over here, there is one bunch (A grade colleges) who had a few chances and there are possibilities of few more  and the other lot who are still waiting for their first chance to prove themselves.

One who had a few and would get few more.... 

You are the are best judge of yourself, with your previous experience of campuses attended you are well aware of your shortfalls. I have a few word of advice here which can improve your chances,

  • Take a paper and pen and summarize your last campus attended.
  • Figure out the area where you lacked and create a plan to address them.
  • Improvise your understanding on yourself and try to address them in shortest possible of time
  • Knowledge is the key but presentation and right attitude work as catalyst. 
Before you attend your next opportunity, gather as much information about next visiting company, understand their needs and expectations and prepare yourself to position/present yourself in front of recruiters. I had written an article on simple ways of improving communication skills, refer this article while preparing yourself, it may be helpful.

In short don't take your coming opportunity casually, it may be your last easy chance! 

Students waiting for their maiden chance.....

Almost all the colleges falling in "not so important" list of corporate India have the common story, their toppers and back benchers are standing in the same line. Entire batch would pass out without a single company visiting their campus. I would not say - don't worry a few companies would visit your college or feel sorry, I would say buckle your seat belt and start your carrier journey now.

I would advise students of such colleges to be proactive and start making their own move to secure a job for themselves before graduating. Students should follow some simple steps and make their own way out (I know its tough, but that's the reality if you are not studying in A grade college) ..

  1. Register your profile in job portals 
  2. Join groups and communities on social media where information is exchanged about open campuses.
  3. Follow TPO of the colleges who facilitate pool campuses. I came across Prof. S  Rawandale of Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engg, Pune who has helped thousands of students sit in campuses organised at his college.
  4. Prepare yourself for Aptitude tests, group discussions, interviews as most of you would get only a single lucky chance to prove yourself.
  5. Associate yourself with live projects and internship at companies (irrespective even if they are very small)
  6. Keep your skills brushed up, form teams in your college and participate in open source projects, write papers for IEEE etc. 
  7. Think of a backup plan for your self like preparing for public services, GATE, MBA etc.
Its not an extensive list but has pointers to increase your chances and preparedness. 

To summarize I would say just a few words. - "Once you graduate your college is not important anymore. Everyone of you would be in the same line, try and avoid it. Secure a job before graduating"

As always your feedback and suggestions are welcome, help us improve.

Disclaimer - Prof. S Rawandale is not associated with in any way and we do not endorse any information claimed on his website. We are very thankful for his work as claimed on his site for organizing pool campuses for students of other colleges.


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