Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feast for Electronics engineers in India

Its been a old trend in India for Electronics engineers to join the software industry for getting into the job market. The primary reason behind the story is absence of any semi-coductor industry in India.

China has been the world factory for semi-conductor and chip industry and India has been a consumer and market for this trillion $$ industry worldwide.

"Jaiprakash Associates has tied up with IBM and Israel's Tower Jazz, while Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (HSMC) has tied up with ST Microelectronics and Malaysia's Siltera to set up two chip-making facilities, the government said on Friday".

Also Home-grown electronics brand Videocon and Reliance Industries are ready to set up chip manufacturing plants.
In proposals sent to the Government for setting up semiconductor fabrication plants, the two companies have offered to invest some Rs 25,000 crore on the condition that the Government provides incentives. 

A total of 76000 crore rupees would be invested to setup the plant which would generate a minimum of 20000 jobs in semi-conductor and chip making business.

Semiconductor fabrication is essential to promote local manufacture of electronic items. From smartphones to television to cars, every thing electronic has an in-built chipset that controls its operation. Globally, chipset market is dominated by Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Texas Instruments. According to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the demand for electronics hardware in the country is projected to increase from $45 billion in 2009 to $400 billion by 2020. 

Read the full press coverage for more details of the bussiness 

The news is ought to be celebrated across the country, and the band waggon is surely going to welcome freshers.

Update: Sources say once operation 60-70% workforce would comprise of freshers.