Sunday, February 17, 2013

Challenges of a Mechanical engineer

"Mechanical Engineers mein eek fire hoti hai"  You all might remember this famous dialogue from the movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (RHTDM), but is this statement true?

Many of the students from Mechanical Engineering choose this career stream because they think its an ever-green branch of engineering. Their parents thought that even at the time of IT bubble burst the core engineering jobs would be secure.

Are the above statements true about the Mechanical Engineering course? Well, it was never a doubt that Mechanical Engineering would take a back seat in the industry but its a big myth that a bubble burst in any sector be it IT or real-estate or banking would spare Mechanical Engineers. Its because today every-thing in the market is virtually connected with simple economics of Demand and Supply.

When the choice of a course is made, above considerations and micro facts tend to give sheer bad results in the long run. One should be very carefully while making a career choice for higher studies, especially engineering.

It should be based on the students like and willingness to study a specialization. It should be done after proper evaluation of students capabilities.

Challenges faced by Mechanical Engineers 

I have been lucky to study engineering and I also got a lot of opportunities to visit various engineering colleges and interact with students. My invasion with Mechanical Engineering students can summarize the problems stated below

  1.  Mech students complain that most of the companies visiting the campus are interested  in IT, CS and Elex students. There are very less opportunities for the Mech students.
  2. Salaries offered by the core companies looking for the Mechanical students are very less, sometimes its as less as ₹ 4000.
  3. Working condition for Mechanical engineers are far more tough then IT/Telecom companies.
  4. Due to lack of opportunities in their own fields they try to get job in campus from bulk recruiters like TCS and Infosys which again becomes very difficult for them because of lack of IT computer knowledge.
  5. Its very easy for IT/CS guys to learn programming in Java and C++, there are abundant of people teaching and free availability of these software.
  6. For a Mechanical Engineer to learn Katia or ProE or any other CAD/CAM software is tough and a costly affair.
Are these a valid challenge for Mechanical engineers or these are a simple excuse to hide their failure?

Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

A Mechanical Engineer even before taking admission into an Engineering college knows that he has chosen a career where extreme hardship is required. It would be a field where he would be using high-end mathematics to solve day to day challenges. It would be a profession where highest level of accuracy would be required.

There should never be a comparison with the work done in any field of engineering, students should focus and understand about the career path they have chosen.  A Mechanical Engineer should not fear imagining him-self on a boiler floor or a near a blast furnace or on a turbine floor nor should he compare himself with his friend working in TCS inside a nice air-conditioned building.

If you are from an average ranked engineering college a salary of  ₹4000 could be a reality for any student no matter what branch he or she has chosen. It's never important what salary you start your career with, what becomes more important is how you visualize and carry your career after 5 years down the line.

Opportunities in Defense and Public Sector organizations

Mechanical Engineering students have always been the favorite of the Public sector companies, Defense organizations like DRDO, ISRO, Navy, Air Force and the Armed forces are always hunting for good Mechanical engineering students. These organizations run huge machines which  requires absolute precision and use in extreme conditions. These organizations are always looking for skillful and sharp Mechanical Engineers. 

Even the public services job in IES and IAS have Mechanical Engineering as a qualifying subject (IT/CS brances are missing). Opportunities in the Private sector organizations are also tremendous, salaries of Natural Gas/ Crude oil excavators in companies like BP, Shell, RIL etc. are so high that an expert engineer at Google or Facebook cant even imagine. 

Its all about attitude and hard-work which is important for an engineering student. Mechanical engineers are not from mars who need to work extra to get paid less. Its an equivalent as rest of specializations so enjoy it.

  • I suggest to all those people who choose Mechanical engineering because its ever-green and provides job security, please re-think your decision as your are taking wrong parameter to make your decision.
  • I suggest all those Mechanical Engineers who join Java and C++ classes to get an easy job at a software company just because there are abundant jobs to re-think their decisions. Its some thing same as a student of Neuro Science selling SIM card for Airtel after graduation just because he thinks selection in a Hospital's Neuro department is tough.

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"Readers discretion is required while taking admission in  any professional course, the writer is suggesting based on his experience and understanding." 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What differentiates IIT's from rest of the engineering colleges in India

Every young student in India dreams of getting into IIT, but ever thought what's so special about IIT's?
I asked this question to many students and parents and these are some of the popular answers I got

1. They have very high standards of teaching.
2. They teach very well in the campus.
3. All the students in IIT get placed.
4. Students are offered high pay packages in the campus.
5. They have very big campuses and excellent laboratories.
6. Students get their education almost free at IIT's.
7. IIT's have the finest professors in India.
8. The environment at IIT is very competitive and healthy.
9. Students get international exposure.
10. Students need not worry about the future once they get into IIT.

Fortunately I have many friends who got their education from IIT, I thought to get an insight from them about the IIT factor.
Surprisingly most of the above mentioned points about IIT is a myth and some of them are absolutely a truth. IIT is synonymous to hard-work and dedication which begins even before someone gets into it and continues forever in their life if they have an aspiration.

Let me put up a question in front of my readers, how many students are hired from IIT campuses to Facebook, Google or Intel? How many are hired by TCS, Infosys or HCL?

The fact is 60% of them are hired by the bulk recruiters like TCS and Infosys like companies and only one (1) or two (2) are hired by companies like Facebook, Google or Intel. The question is why? (Surprised)

Yes that's the truth.... But wait don't get in a hurry to queue up IIT's with rest of the colleges in India. IIT's are not bad or average because Facebook and Google did not bulk hire there.

IIT's are not known to produce labors but they are know to create entrepreneurs.  During their entire course students are taught to be thought leaders and visionaries. They are confident and the surrounding around them gives them the ability to take risk which is fundamentally the most important aspect for becoming an entrepreneur.

An average students with his limited knowledge and resources knows very well that in order to survive he needs a job like everyone rest in the world, he cannot risk his future for experiments (like trying a start-up after college) which is  good for him.

On the other hand an IITian knows that he can always get a job in the market and he should focus his learning and energy today on his idea for a business. This attitude of them makes most of the youngsters successful no matter what they do.

Consider the example of Mukesh Ambani or Anil Ambani would they have ever thought of getting a job in order to secure comfortable life? Absolutely no... They knew their father The Great Dhiru Bhai Ambani has made enough fortune for them to live a comfortable life, so what did they do? They used their fathers platform to launch their big ideas into realities. Today's truth is that the collective fortune of Ambani brothers is 100 times more then their father's wealth. How was it possible? I believe it was only because of the confidence, guidance and inspiration their father gave to them and of course not to forget their hard work they put into their dream.

To summarize in the context of a IITian his surrounding (The success stories of ex-IITians), hard-work, guidance of able professors and support of fellow students gives them the ability to think out of the box and of course the worth-mentioning incubation center provided by the institution to support their start-up ideas are the reasons for the success of IIT students.

This was a little glimpse of the reasons for the success of the IITians and their real differentiating factor from others. We will soon cover a story that would help students of non-IIT to get at par with their peers in IIT.

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