Monday, December 24, 2012

Simple ways to improve Interpersonal Skills

Human beings live in civilization and you are always surrounded by people. No matter what profession you practice, communication is always important. If you are a Teacher, Manager, Lawyer or an Engineer you will always be around people of different culture and thought. To be successful you will have to practice effective and intelligent communication.


Communication is the basic skill every living thing on this earth knows by birth, but here are some ways of effective communication skills, if you practice these you would see a difference in approach people will have for you. You will feel more connected! 

Listening always helps

Fresher’s just out of college have great friends, big circles and you could be the one who is always to start the brilliant discussion, you are one who is telling people and you know what people in hostel listened to you. When you are out of college in the Race for survival into the corporate, you will find things different. You always speaking would draw more trouble than appreciation. This does not mean don't speak, but this means listen first, understand the topic and situation and the humbly put your point. People will love you for this!

A Smile brings hearts near

Sometimes people talk and give instructions to their juniors or take instructions from their seniors. Taking or giving instruction is just robotic, it lacks the human touch! A smile on your face relaxes the person in front of you no matter who he is. Always try to wear a smile on your face, but be cautious use it according to the situation!

When you applaud you win hearts

When you work with someone, especially the people working for you or your juniors its your responsibility to keep them engaged. When you appreciate someone you win hearts, you build a confidence for someone and gives them a feeling that they are important. Every management guru will teach you, if you want to grow take care of your team your surrounding you will grow automatically.

Don't think of revenge it will shatter you

You might face many situations where you have lost because of someone. If you are the one who is thinking of getting up with bolder move then the chances of your success is much higher than the one always planning for  a revenge. Always rise your success will automatically kill your enemies. 

Be the one who makes people laugh

Ever thought of the guy in your college canteen who is always surrounded by friends always laughing and enjoying the moment? People love who can make someone happy and laugh, think of boss can you make him laugh? Do he like being with you? Grow you skills, read a lot you will have lots of things to talk! 
Caution: Don't by cheap joke books to make people laugh and don't make fun of you.


Never think the world starts and ends with you. Think logical people have their own problems which you would never face. Place yourself into his place and try to feel the issue, you would be a great friend, team leader, manager or whatever you are.

Do you think you can build the rocket alone 

You might be great, exceptional brain a true thought leader. But can you imagine reaching the goal alone? Even the chai wala who serves a tea during your research is a contributor, believe it. It is very exceptional that if you are reading this blog  and still you have the ability to move the earth on your own (You Googled me so you needed help to find me !! ) but if you are the one like me and rest of the world you will need a team to get it done. So the main point is be a team player, trust your team build your team and you will have success always around you.

Bitching..... aah let it be in the Dogs world

Be the person of honor people hate to listen complaints it’s done by only one community known as "Looser". Don't be looser be the doers, have the guts and face problems directly on face. You can be bad at that moment but you will always be an example.

Communicate.. it will relieve

Just thinking in your head does not transport the message to anyone else. If you have some message to pass, communicate it properly and precisely. If required elaborate yourself, ask questions to ensure the message is clearly passed. 
Try these tips, and let us know if you found them useful!

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