Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to write a good RESUME

One might often think what to include in my resume, how to start my resume. These are the basic questions which comes to everyone's mind. There is only one thumb rule while writing your resume "Cover every detail and elaborate your career highlights".

Resume writing is a very diligent task, do not hurry yourself while documenting it, do no copy from your friends resume. Your resume should be unique, tailored for your and should have the ability to make your stand ahead from the crowd.

The most common mistakes done by freshers in their resume is that make their CV a one page personal detail summary. A recruited is not going to find anything from it and its very easy to get ignored this way.

Before writing your resume make your self clear what kind of job you are looking at, if you are applying for the position of a software developer or a Manager in hospitality industry your resume should speak about it. Write down all the relevant work or studies your have done related to the job in a piece of paper. Try to articulate all the information you have and then showcase it in your resume.

Have a nice opening of your resume with a career goal. Write down what you what to accomplish from your would be job and where you want to head. Do not choose very fancy words, rather detail the true thoughts you have about your career.

After this cover your education details, highlight specific areas of your study which matches the kind of job you are looking at.

Projects taken during your UG/PG courses are an important opportunity to highlight your technical expertise and your strengths. Elaborate the problem statement which your project was solving, detail out the solution in two to three line. Talk about the team and your role in the team. This would be the most attractive part in your resume and will always attract the recruiters. Most of the candidates especially freshers miss this important opportunity to include project details in their resume.

Review out your write up and make necessary changes (shorten it if  its tool long or elaborate if required)

Cover your achievements if any during your academics, they are they brownie points which always help.

Your contact details can be at the top or at the bottom depends on your personal choice, but if your are covering your hobbies etc., make sure they are at the last.

Most important: Recruiting is a very challenging job, and a head hunter has to go through hundreds of resumes to filter out the probable candidate, your high impact CV will give you a first hand chance to get noticed and possible a conversion into a job.


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