Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to get job in Breweries, Beverages and Distilleries plant

In today's India FMCG is the most booming sector then anything else. It has many sub-categories, in that breweries, beverages and distilleries are the best platform to work for an engineering graduate. This suggestion is not only because of high pay benefits but because its in initial phase of growth. This sector has lot more coming up in its way and has huge potential for growth in India. If you are looking for a job in this sector then gear up and grab your chance before it becomes too much crowded. This kind of industry generally requires mechanical ,electrical and instrumentation engineers.

As an aspirant, freshers keeps on bemusing regarding the kind of job they are trying to get, though they don't know exactly what is expected from them in those jobs. Some candidates catches the right path and some keep on looking around for guidance and help. For fresher in instrumentation,electrical and mechanical engineers needs  emphasis on their curriculum and project work.

Focus on learning

For instance an Electrical engineer  must have sound knowledge of  HT and LT lines, different types of motors and their working, substations etc., you can easily find these things on internet  and collage books.
For the instrumentation engineers, he must be expert with control engineering, process variable parameters, transducers etc.

As an instrumentation professional you need emphasize on few subjects before facing the interview. Generally recruiters ask the theoretical questions which includes types of communications, transducers, op-amps etc. Special emphasis should be on control engineering.

Study feedback systems, plots criteria(Nyquist, polar etc.) and their practical applications, process variables which includes flow, pressure, temperature etc and their associated instruments. These studies will equip you enough to face technical interview.

Additional training

If you still feel that you are not prepared enough take professional help. In many cases, company demands industry ready professionals which is quiet a trend taking up now a days. You can opt for a paid industrial training which are easily available everywhere.You can pursue the automation training  while being in collage or as you wish. Get trained into topics like ladder logics, PLC and Control hardware troubleshooting , PLC communications, Remote controlling,Embedded systems, VLSI etc.

Usually your training institute would provide job or at least 15-16 interviews which  I think is  enough to get a job. In the worst case if success is still away, decide your proficiency and strength, choose the industry type, list up the companies and get the contact and  mail id's of the concerned personnels. Contact them or upload your CV on their company's website and face the interview. Definitely you will hit the bull's eye. For writing good resume refer to earlier post "How to write good RESUME"

What to expect in your job

If you get in as a trainee engineer you will be trained from experienced professionals in your department and if you have already gone through training then you will be directly working in the production environment most probably looking after the maintainence of the plant. You will be tought  two basic things, one is maintenance and the second is to minimize the downtime. Both are different but mutually related to each other. Preventive maintenance activities are catalyzers to avoid the downtime. Both kind of job is designed only to boost production and efficiency. During your first few years you will learn to troubleshoot AC Drives, different types of transmitters, electrical devices, pneumatic valves,VFD's, control & relay panels, SCADA, HMI,PLC operations,soft starters etc.

                                                                                                     - Devesh Jha
                                                                                                     WAVE Distilaries and Breweries Ltd.


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