Sunday, January 9, 2011

Campus selection TIPS

We all have seen the Indian economy growing and shining which has led to huge demand for more and more talented people in various industries. Due to this huge demands every corporation wants to get the best resources to work for them. Some of the big service based companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, iFlex, Tech Mahindra have huge client list which demands a huge work force. HR management of all these big corporations thrive to aquire talent from various institutions throughout the year and some times 2-3 years in advance. Educational institutions are the best places to hunt for talent who capable of feeding the growing demand.

When these blue chip companies visit the campuses in search of talent, they have only one thing in mind "We needs a pool of talented resource who can contribute to the business in a short span of time after proper training"

All the readers might be thinking that we all know these facts, whats the big deal? The demand and supply mismatch attracts the companies to our colleges where they get potentially talented resources at a VERY CHEAP PRICE. Well you all are very right, but I will highlight certain facts and ground rules that will help you crack the opportunity which only luckey ones are getting. I am using the word luckey because there are a large number of professional degree colleges in India but the demand is not so high that every one gets a job in the campus. A very few degree colleges in India see companies visiting there campuses.

Now you all have an insight of the point I am trying to make, if you get a chance to appear in any campus take it seriously.

Enough of the gyan, lets get to the point you are interested in.

Whenever a company gets into a campus they have a vast pool of potential resources to choose from. In order to stand ahead of the crowd below are the basic rules you should follow

1. Dress appropriately (Formals do help for both boys and girls)
2. Be clean shaved or in other words appear decent.
3. Do not be outspoken, it gives a bad impression to most of the campus selectors.

Recruiters are no different from you and me, they also get biased and they also build perceptions.

Usually in any campus interview the first round is elimination process through a written test or Group Discussion. Candidates get a very short duration to prove themselves and the only key to success is

1. Strong aptitude which can be acquired through practice. The questions asked are very simple in nature which are to be answered in a short duration of time. Regular practice can make a big difference here.
2. Strong communication skills. Most of the people think that the person who leads any GD or person who speaks the most is selected, you are wrong here. You just need the attention of the recruiters once with a solid opinion (loud and clear). GD's are elimination round and you do not have to dictate the entire discussion, if you are not sure about the subject then just listen to the rest of the group for a while and then make your point from others point.

After all the elimination rounds are over its the time of main technical interview round which is based only on your text book theories. Recruiters do not come to campuses with huge expectations in mind, they are not looking for any Newton or Einstein, they are just looking for a hardworking knowledgeable candidate who could be trained before actual work.

Again the bottom line here is, concentrate on your semester books do not run for extra trainings. They will just add more and more pressure, believe me taking more pressure would just make the situation worse rather then helping.

All the above things written is relevant only for big recruiters who attract large masses in their selection process. Above theory does not apply for premiere companies like Google and Microsoft which needs best of the best talent, you have to be extra ordinarily smart and talented besides studying in IIT or NIT.

All you 2011/2012 passouts joining the race, BEST of LUCK for your placements.

Hope the article helps, feel free to share your comments/opinions.

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