Sunday, July 5, 2009

Freelance Coders Required!!

We are small job consultancy and require a web site for our business. The website should be interactive for the job seekers and employers.

I am impressed with Google's offering of AppEngine I want the site to developed using google app engine SDK so that it can be made live immediately over google infrastructure.

The current state of the website can be seen at, which is currently non-interactive html using blogspot infrastructure.

A few page has been build over appengine SDK, can be seen at

The end goal is to have an interactive website with (AJAX) that can allow job seekers to

1. Search for a JOB
2. Apply for a job
3. Communicate with other users as in a forum
4. Save his resume/profile

An Employer should have the following capability

1. Post a Job (Can only be done by website administrator)
2. Search for candidates

I intend to harness all the offerings from google appengine like google login, google custom search, google session manegment etc. so that the project development time is minimum

I would prefer to have website developed on Java supported google appenigne SDK although I am not closed to traditional python appengine.

The pages should be elegant with nice CSS and HTML formatting. It should be of neutral taste and should not be very eye catchy.

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