Saturday, September 6, 2008

FreshersDirect conducts online screening

FreshersDirect is looking for young talented engineers for its Pune
development centre. The company is into HRM and IT consultancy.
Currently we are looking for Software development/Testing/Build
We are conducting and online test to screen out the talented
candidates. Please read below to get the overview of the test.
The TEST would be conducted according you your SKILL of choice. You
will be given an online portal where your entire TEST would be
focused. Please read the e-mail carefully before taking the TEST.

Skill set chosen:

1.       Software TESTING

a.       Candidates desirous of making their career in software TESTING should take this test.

b.      Testing SKILLS such as Test Case development, Test Plan development, Testing Strategy, bug identification and   reporting would be measurable in candidates.

c.         All the reports should be prepared using MS-Excel /MS-Word no, other format would be acceptable.

d.      To take the TEST go to , your JOB here would be to TEST the site. Find out all possible testing strategy, bugs and test plans that come to your mind and document it in MS-EXCEL or MS-WORD file

e.      Once the document is ready mail across the documents  to

2.        Software Development

a.       Python/Java/Java Script candidates, log on to and inspect the site carefully

b.      You need to come up with ideas and enhancements that needs to be done for this site so that it servers the purpose better.

c.       Once you   are done with documenting the IDEAS and enhancements start developing the actual CODE for your IDEA.

d.      Mail across your IDEA and CODE in a simple word format to

e.      All the JAVA/Python code should compulsorily have UNIT testing stubs inside it. Like you can use JUnit for your JAVA code or PyUnit for your Python code. All open source and standard unit testing tools are acceptable.


3.       Platforms build engineers

a.       Candidates desirous to    make their career in PLATFORMS should inspect and come up with ideas of deployment of the site in its as is format  over a Application Servers and choice of operating system , like WebSphere   6.0   with AIX 5.3..

b.      The write up should clearly mention why is the choice made, factors that decided for the choice.

c.       Each and every aspect that comes up in your mind should be clearly doccumnted.

4.       VoIP/SIP engineers

a.       Candidates who are willing to shape their career in Telecom domain , have real challenge for solving this puzzle

b.      Go to, inspect the site carefully.

c.       You have to come with a VoIP client written for this static HTML page, so that when any user logs in to the url his IP information should be captured which would be used by the SERVER to   initiate a VoIP call to the user through the client VoIP sitting on the url

d.      You have to code both the Client and the Server part of the IP call initiator.

e.      It would be advisable for the call server should have the capability to check whether the client is having required hardware for talking the VoIP call.

f.        All the software design, coding, algorithms and UNIT testing should be properly documented in MS-WORD format and should be mailed to

RULES for talking this ONLINE test

1.       You will be having 7 days to submit the solution for the TEST.

2.       While sending your solution, reply to this MAIL so that our automated system is able to check authenticity of candidates.

3.       If you are talking the TEST for testing please name the document  send to us as TESTING_yourname.doc / for platform engineering name the document as PLATFORM_yourname.doc for S/W Developer name the document as DEVELOPER_yourname.doc for VoIP developer name the document as VoIP_youname.doc

4.       Please ensure that, you are sending only ONE document which contains your entire write up.


BEST of LUCK  ………… J

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